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Does it work on SPP 2010

first post: matio wrote: Hello,we are in process of upgrading from SPP 2007 to SPP 2010 and ...


first post: samdk wrote: Does SP2010 have your feature in built? I am currently using SP2010...

web.config elements

first post: micskeiz wrote: I just installed the version to a Windows Server 2008 R2 vi...

latest post: chrisobrien wrote: Hi Zoltan,Thanks for your comments, I definitely want to hear whene...

Typo in expression on front page's example

first post: micskeiz wrote: The home page gives the following example for LanguageStrore's expr...

How do you add more languages

first post: pwalke wrote: What is the best way to edit the list template to add more languages?

latest post: chrisobrien wrote: @pwalke,Yes you've hit the nail on the head. Essentially you have t...

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